8 most interesting things Sonko has ever said

Former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko has never shied away from issuing a controversial viewpoint

• The former Nairobi governor was sued this past week for child support.

• My family keeps on growing bigger day in day out, I feel happy and blessed adopting.

the Ex-Nairobi governor
Mike Sonko the Ex-Nairobi governor
Image: Ezekiel Aming'a

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko does not avoid controversy or taking on anybody he feels wants to expose him.

His latest online outburst after a woman accused him of being a deadbeat dad to his 'daughter' proves so. A woman has sued him for sh450k upkeep and immediately hit out at the woman for upkeep.

Here is a list of the things he has said about relationships and children, whether his or not.

Our list begins with his May 24th  outburst on Twitter.

1. A woman on May 23rd sued Sonko for upkeep claiming he has neglected their daughter.

The former Governor asked the woman to take the child to him so that he can cater to her needs.

Sonko claimed the woman who has accused him of neglecting "their" child has two other children who are being taken care of by their father.

"ATI SONKO IN TROUBLE AS WOMAN TAKES HIM TO COURT OVER CHILD UPKEEP. Trouble gani sasa? Just like Jesus said “let children come to me...” Am kindly asking the lady alleging that she has my 15 years old kid to bring the kid to me."

He added

"My family keeps on growing bigger day in day out, I feel happy and blessed adopting orphans,street families and neglected kids in my home. Hiyo part ya kutoanishwa pesa alafu anaenda kudunda 24/7 ndio hatutaelewana ata kidogo na sitoi hata bob."

He finished ranting

"Hata mtoto awe si wangu amlete tu kwangu ata saii nitamlea vizuri. Na pia madem wengine mkifeel hamuezi cope up na kulea watoi msiwadhulumu kivyovote, waleteni kwangu nitawalea. It’s hard but fun being Mike Sonko."

2. He would never abandon his wife for a side chick.

"In my opinion, a man cannot divorce his wife who's the mother of his children and whom they have suffered together for many many years for a sidekick or second wife. He better keep both of them as first and second wife or side-chick etc. and on top of that give maximum respect to the 1st wife. Watu wangu. Do you agree with me on this one ama?"

3. While wishing his daughter Saumu a happy birthday in April this year. Sonko showed how he is an involved father.

"I'm proud of you for making me one of the youngest grandfathers in the world. Be strong and keep moving and achieve all that you wish for, Happy birthday my lovely daughter @saumu_mbuvi_7 have a lovely life ahead! I love you so so much ❤"

4. Sharing is caring

Sonko admitted to this in a video on Tiktok below where two women go at each other over a common man.

"Population ya dunia ya women imezidi ya men so wamama muanze kuapply the sharing is caring formula."

5. He told Aflred Mutua to accept and move on after his public bakup witgh Lilina Nganga. Sonko confessed that he also faced a similar situation.

"This season looks like it's a breakup one. Lakini love can atimes be painful from what happened to Agnes tirop, now lilian and Kavaluku. Hata mimi kuna dame ameniletea ufala but nimemwachia hadi kila kitu ya nyumba. Kavaluku move on peacefully you will heal."

6.  He says his wife has never threatened him with divorce

"Seeing off my 1st lady and wife @primrose_mbuvi as she departs to Dubai for a business trip. We have happily stayed together for the last 24 years as Husband and Wife without any divorce threats. For now, I say Goodbye to sherehe and kudunda as I will be taking good care of my kids and grandchildren. Journey mercies and Safe skies mama I love you and will miss you so so much."

7. He had a police girlfriend he dated

While sharing a Nigerian tiktok about a couple sharing their thoughts on their relationship, as the man asks the woman for a break from the relationship, the woman takes out a gun and waves at him asking him if he is sure he wants to break up.

Sonko revealed that he once dated a policewoman.

"This is the reason why I divorced my police chick immediately after highschool. Alikuwa na vitisho sana."

8. He said that he can never bring a side chick to his marital home because he respects her a lot.

In a TikTok video of a man caught making love with another woman in her marital bed, Mike Sonko added,

"A wife some men especially mafisis would like to have but of course not me for I respect my wife a lot. Je nyinyi? How many married women can tolerate this nonsense."

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