Reunion: Kartello and Chipukeezy finally meet

Kartello and Chipukeezy reconciles


• Chipukeezy shared a photo of him and Kartello, to show that they were always on talking terms 

• Kartello and Chipukeezy had not been seen in public for over a year.

finally reconciles
Chipukeezy and Kartelo finally reconciles
Image: Instagram

Entertainer Vincent Mwasia Mutua alias Chipukeezy celebrated his reunion with his long-time friend Kartello.

The two are back on talking terms after a year and some months of not seeing each other.

On May 17, Chipukeezy posted a picture of himself and Kartello to kill the rumours that they do not see eye to eye.

From the post, Chipukeezy thanked Kartello for accepting to be his running mate, I mean, the two co-hosted the Chipukeezy show together and have always stayed by each other's side through thick and thin.

Chipukeezy captioned his post,

"It was nice to see you after a long time and thanks for accepting to be my running mate indeed this is the winning team  mbogi bado kimonyoski."

Even though Chipukeezy and Kartello both cleared the air by saying they had no beef with each other, fans insisted that the two were not on good terms. For the sake of their fans, Chipukeezy had to clear the air.

Kartello also decided to air out their differences and speculations about their separation. In an interview with a YouTuber, Eve Muigai, Kartello said that the two had no indifference at all.

Most of their fans were so excited about their reunion that a section of them described their get-together as a handshake.

Among their fan who commented, was Vivian who described Kartello as a good man

"Chipo please don’t stress @kartello..official. From the 1st day, I met him I knew he was a fine young man .. mbogi ni ya kimonyoski," Vivian Kenya's comment read.

"Nacheki interview umeduu juzi na Eve na enyewe bros 4 bros(I have watched your interview with Mungai Eve and intended you guy to be brothers for life," another fan commented.

Before the two comedians' reunion, Chipukeezy mentioned that Kartello has always shown his support and for that, he will always have his back.

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