• Kendrick dropped his long awaited album titled Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers after a 5-year hiatus 

•The album art features him and his family members

I do not know what is more exciting the dope music that Kendrick just dropped or the fact that the 34-year-old acclaimed rapper/musician just revealed to us that he has a new addition to his family through his album cover.

The album alone was enough to throw people into a frenzy but the really secretive Kendrick decided to give us a little something extra.

On the cover of his new album titled, " Mr. Morales and the Big Steppers," Kendrick is seen holding his daughter ( who is now almost three years) as she faces the camera while Kendrick's back is facing the camera and we get a side profile of his face.


On his head, the 'Humble,' hit-maker is seen wearing a small rope white thorn crown that greatly resembles the one Jesus was crucified with.

But what got fans super excited is the image of his fiancé Whitney Alford cradling a newly born baby while seated on a messy bed.

What a non-cliché way to share such huge news with one's fan base and the world at large.

And in case you assume it is a ruse or clout to sell his music (because you are so used to East African artists) well it is not. 

In his new video, 'The Heart pt 5' Kendrick raps about his 'wife' and he also mentions his 'kids' plural! Also hints that his relationship status has changed.

Plus Kendrick is a goat he does not need to chase clout and we really can not even come up with instances that he has.

Kendrick and Whitney Alford have been dating for quite a long time, the two are practically childhood sweethearts. They got engaged in 2015 but have actually never had a wedding to date.

Maybe Kendrick referring to her as his wife is an indication that the two maybe did finally tie the knot. Maybe they eloped or signed papers at the attorney general or they had an actual invites-only wedding and have really cool friends who have not spilled the beans till now.

Too much to speculate about.

But knowing Mr.K he will most definitely find a creative way to let us in on the deets when he is ready.

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