Brenda Jons launching her music career soon

Brenda Jons to get into music to subsidise the proceeds she gets from her three barber shops

• Brenda Jons ready to launch her music career.

• Away from content creation, Brenda Jons is also into business.

Comedienne Brendah Jons
Image: Courtesy: Brendah Jons/Instagram

Content creator Brenda Jons is launching her music career.

The comedian who spoke to Mungai Eve on her YouTube channel said she has been recording songs and will soon give her fans some new music.

She did not dwell much on the topic saying she had not planned to announce it before all is set already.

"I am launching my music career. I can do so many things, I will be sharing very soon. I had not thought I would sing and I am scared about it though. What I tell my friends is to always peel your banana slowly," she said adding that she can play different roles.

Asked about how the creative industry is taking her, Brenda Jons said the Kenyan creative industry is a good space for most but said there is a need to get fresh characters in our TV programs.

"The industry is not so bad but we need to get new faces on our TVs. We have been having the same faces for a while yet we have new talents coming up," she suggested.

Asked what she is currently doing apart from her YouTube content creation, Brenda said she is into business.

"I am now into business and I have three barbershops in Nairobi, two in Thome and one in Membley which am collaborating with my aunt, you cannot only survive with content creation. I am also trying to figure out what else I can offer."

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