• Last year, a drunk Brenda Jons accused Phoina of cheating with her girlfriend.

Brenda Jons
Brenda Jons
Image: Courtesy

Beauty Queen Phoina Tosha has denied ever being friends with content creator Brenda Jons.

Last year, a drunk Brenda Jons accused the makeup artist of allegedly stealing her girlfriend.

She narrated how hurt she was after she ended up breaking up with the said 'girlfriend'.

It was during that Live video that Brenda Jons addressed her sexuality.

Well, while speaking to Radio Jambo's Massawe Japanni, Phoina said the content creator made false accusations against her. 

Phoina said Brenda Jons was drunk and intoxicated.

"She did not call me or ask me about it. I am not denying her but she has never been my friend," Phoina explained.

Phoina added that Brenda Jons used to chat her but they have no issue.

"If she has a problem, come to me direct."

Asked if she is dating, Phoina said she is busy with Phoina Beauty business.

"Right now I am focusing on business, I will focus on the person I love once I am ready. I dated and i do not have a bad experience. If it didn't work, it didn't."

She said she is not looking for a wealthy man.

"I am looking for a person to give me three children. We make money everyday. You attract who you are. I am not in a place of looking but am at a place of concentrating on my business."

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