The fines you will pay for any damage to the Nairobi Expressway

Graffiti and posters on the Nairobi Expressway are classified as vandalism

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The road will be opened for public use on May 14th before its official commissioning. 

• Learn more on vehicle classification and the different toll rates for the Nairobi Expressway

There are fines motorists will be slapped with for damage
expressway moja There are fines motorists will be slapped with for damage

President Uhuru announced that Kenyans will begin to officially use the Nairobi expressway pn May 14th.

A day before this announcement, the expressway recorded its first accident, and the warning for motorists were many.

Are you excited for the operation use of this road? 

Speaking on Sunday during the City Marathon, Uhuru said the expressway will be open for trial.

“We will allow Kenyans to use the expressway so that we see the loopholes that exist before we officially launch it,” he said.

Other than the ban on photography, skaters, pedestrians, two and three-wheeled vehicles (tuk tuks), wheelbarrows and bicycles are also banned from using the 27 kilometer way.

Here is what it will cost you if you damage anything on the expressway.

1. Weight batcher - SH 4 million

2. Vehicle separation grating - SH 167,000

3. Weight and toll data collection  and control machine - at cost

4. Lane camera - SH 167,000

5. Plate detector - SH 249,000

6. Cantilever variable information board - SH 8.7 Million 

9. Main line monitoring camera - SH 704,000

10. Microwave vehicle detector - SH 1.2 Million 

11. Data ethernet switch of toll plaza - SH 190,000

12. Video ethernet switch of toll plaza - SH 285,000

13. Industrial ethernet switch - SH 313,000

14. Flower box along the median strip - SH 5,000

15. Landscape on bridge piers - SH 11,000

16. Lawn below bridge - SH 600,000

17. Other kinds of plants - At cost

18. Road property polluted by gasoline, diesel, engine oil etch - SH 6,000

19. Road property polluted by glass, scrap iron, coal , lime, muck  - SH 1,000

20. Writing Grafitti on road property - SH 2,000

Other damage not listed shall be compensated at cost.

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