Bensoul eulogizes Kibaki in a new song

Bensoul released the song in honour of the late president

• Bensoul used quips the late leader used to use in his public addresses

• Bensoul also added a clip of the late president encouraging the youth in the end of the video  

singer and songwriter Bensoul
Sol generation singer and songwriter Bensoul
Image: JB Formative

Bensoul is making news and this time around it is for the right reasons.

In honour of the late president Mwai Kibaki who died on April 21, recording and performing artist Bensoul released a song to eulogize the great legacy that the third president of Kenya led and has left behind.

Honestly, I am beyond proud of Ben.

Plus it is about time I was starting to die from first-hand embarrassment having Embarambamba's theatrics among the only tributes we had to this great man that delivered our country, gave us free education, and had our economy at a crazy high and stable.

Now that someone internationally recognized has delivered us we can get that muddy stain of our proud country's flag.

The song titled 'Kibaki Atabaki,' talks about how the late president wasn't just all talk and he actually kept the promises he talked about.

It has in less than 2 hours gathered over 6 thousand views and over a thousand likes.

The song opens up with Bensoul singing,"Tumeona wangapi wanacome wanazidi... bure kabisaa... so many promises wengi mafisi....kwa wenye haki Kibaki atabaki... mzee wa kazi, kibaki atabaki." 

It also has little quips of famous words that the president mostly used during his public addresses.

In the bridge of the song, Ben has one of Kibaki's speeches where the great leader says, "And then you ask yourself the question what is it you have done to serve the people? Don't waste time quarreling and arguing and competing because there is plenty of room for everyone please."

People in the comment section praised Ben for his new song thanking him for immortalizing the great leader in his new song.

The song ends with a video of one of Kibaki's speeches talking to the youth encouraging them to work hard.

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