Why Madiba quit his accounting job to start acting

Madiba became a house hold name on Zora Telenovela.

• Madiba is engaged to award-winning actress Jackie Matubia alias Nana.

• "My parents were not very excited because they had paid a lot of school fees for me to do my Post Graduate." - Madiba

from Zora Telenovela
Nana and Madiba from Zora Telenovela
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Blessing Lungaho alias Madiba says he quit his accounting job to follow his passion for acting.

In an interview with Switch TV, Madiba says his parents were not so pleased when he quit his job as an accountant yet he had done a post-graduate course on the same. 

They became supportive after seeing his achievement in the entertainment industry. 

" Some of watching TV and love what we see. Some of us watch and we are like I would like to do that, entertain people.

When you have wanted something your entire life and then someone offers you the opportunity, you don't think twice.

My parents were not very excited because they had paid a lot of school fees for me to do my Post Graduate.It's not until they saw my work (acting) that they started accepting it," he said. 

Does he have any regrets?

"I wish I started sooner.People think it's easy to get where someone is but it's not, but doing what you love makes it worthwhile."

Madiba says he has never considered himself a celebrity, and is a different person from what is potrayed in the acting roles.

"I am never on TV as myself. They are not interested in me but the person they see on TV. You might like the person they see on TV but that's not me."

Madiba is currently dating fellow actress Jackie Matubia and they are expecting their first child. Madiba proposed to the love of his love on his birthday which was over the weekend.

Matubia said she and Madiba did not want to make the relationship public so they were still acting on Zora so as not to confuse viewers.

In the show, Zora, Matubia who acted as Nana was in an entanglement with Madiba who was a bachelor after having lost his screen wife.

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