Evelyne Wanjiru learnt she was pregnant while in the US

Evelyne Wanjiru took the pregnancy test alone in the toilet

• Evelyne's first reaction was being confused and not knowing how to react.

• Evelyne said she started experiencing some funny feelings but it did not click in her mind that she could be pregnant.

with hubby Agunda Bweni
Evelyne Wanjiru with hubby Agunda Bweni

Gospel singer Evelyne Wanjiru, learnt that she was pregnant while on a US music trip.

Speaking to her YouTube channel, the mother of one said she was in the season of mourning her father in love.

A few days after his burial, Evelyne traveled to the US. While on the plane, Evelyne said she started experiencing some funny feelings but it did not click in her mind that she could be pregnant.

"I was craving for Pilau after arriving in the US, I told my host that I wanted Pilau, luckily they had prepared it. I ate two plates and they were just staring at me. The host asked me, are you sure you are not pregnant? and am like, this question again. I did not want that question since I was already tired of people asking me every now and then," she said.

She had to miss rehearsals as she was still regaining her energy. 

"I could not stand the smell of perfumes. One of the pastors there is a doctor and she said, you know, she is pregnant and she doesn't know. I brushed it off."

Evelyne said she did not want to test for pregnancy as she had always received negative feedback before.

Her husband said when she called him and complained about vomiting, he had that conviction that it could be she was pregnant.

"I took the pregnancy test alone and found out it was positive, I was shocked that I fell in the toilet. I was shaking and crying. I didn't know what to do. I was confused. I took a photo and sent it to my husband," Evelyne said.

Although there was joy in his heart, Agunda asked her to repeat the test.

"There was joy on my face although I couldn't show it and everything changed in my mind and I started thinking like a father. The excitement was much. It's been a whole journey and still learning," he said.

She said the other person she informed was her mum who prayed together with them as she had been waiting for the season to be a grandma.


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