Kambua reveals she had to endure shame and stigma after she lost her baby

Image: courtesy

Gospel singer Kambua has opened up on how tough it has been since she lost her second born child.

Through her Instagram, the mother of two shared details of how tough it is for parents who have lost children.

Kambua started off by saying that she is reading a book that she promised to highlight various issues in regards to grief discussed in the book.

"Losing a child doesn't only affect the parent, it also affects the siblings, grandparent, aunties, friends and everyone who had hopes of experiencing the child."

She further added that at times, grieving parents are judged wrongly when they speak about the loss.

"Child loss is a taboo. I have learnt this first hand and also through people I love who've walked the journey. the stigma, the shame, the criticism, the judgement, endless questions and unsolicited advice. But I have learnt to guard, my peace fiercely and at all cost."

She also talked about her friend who she said was trolled for constantly speaking about grief.

"I remember a friend who would blog about the babies she'd lost and would get comments like, we are tired of hearing about your dead babies. That is how low we go."

Kambua lost her child last year few days after he was born.

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