Photo: Karen Nyamu finally shows of her cute daughter's face

Many speculate that Karen Nyamu's last-born was fathered by Samidoh

• Karen Nyamu showed her beautiful daughter's face during a TikTok live session with her fans.
• Karen Nyamu looks to have moved on from the disappointment of losing during the UDA party nominations.

with her baby girl
Karen Nyamu with her baby girl
Image: Instagram

Karen Nyamu's political career might be in shambles at the moment but that doesn't mean she isn't enjoying herself.

Yesterday night, the mother of  3 decided to finally show off her last-born daughter's face, which she had kept hidden since her birth two months ago.

Using her TikTok page, a smiling Karen could be seen holding her beautiful daughter, Wairimu, while she engaged with her online fans.

Check out the images below;

during a TikTok live session
Karen Nyamu holding her daughter during a TikTok live session
Image: TikTok
during a TikTok live
Karen Nyamu holding her daughter during a TikTok live
Image: TikTok

Later on, Karen who seems to be on vacation with her kids also went on to post a rather cryptic message on her Instastories.

The lawyer posted a caption about men not knowing what to do when dealing with a woman who wasn't impressed with money.

She wrote, "Most men don't know how to deal with a woman who's not impressed by money."

Karen Nyamu's message
Image: Instagram

Could the subliminal message be directed at Samidoh, the man most people know to be the father of Sam Junior and possibly Wairimu's too?

We can't really be sure as the two seem to have been cosying up to each other over the past few weeks.

In fact, two weeks ago, Karen was spotted wearing a Kenyan flag colour bracelet that had Samidoh's name beaded on it.

in the past
Karen Nyamu with Samidoh in the past
Image: Courtesy

But that wasn't all, Samidoh himself posted a video on TikTok two weeks ago singing along to Two-Face Idibia's monster love hit, African Queen.

One could see how excited and happy the singer was while singing the song, a clear contrast to the somber songs he had been lip-syncing to in the prior months.

Some Kenyans speculated that he might have been singing about Karen Nyamu...Who knows really?

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