Photo-Karen Nyamu finally reveals her daughter's name

Karen Nyamu gave birth on February 27th

• Karen Nyamu reveals the name of the daughter she shares with Samidoh.
• Karen Nyamu has been very protective of her third-born since her birth.

Karen Nyamu smiling
Image: Instagram

Aspiring Nairobi senator, Karen Nyamu, has finally and officially revealed the name of her third-born baby who was born a few months ago.

Drumroll please! The toddler's name is Wairimu. It is one of the names of the 9 daughters of Mumbi according to Gikuyu mythological literature. The name means, 'The daughter of a giant or legend."

Karen has been more circumspect at hiding her youngest baby, unlike the way she did with her second-born Samidoh Junior.

Her revealing this information comes at a time when she and Wairimu's presumed father, Samidoh, seem to be mending their relationship.

with her baby girl
Karen Nyamu with her baby girl
Image: Instagram

A few days ago, Karen was spotted wearing a bracelet with the names of the Mugithi musician on it, something that seemed strange considering the cold war they had waged on each other over the past few months.

But that wasn't all, Samidoh himself posted a video on TikTok singing along to Two-Face Idibia's monster hit, African Queen.

One can see how excited and happy the singer was while singing the song which has caused some speculation among fans that he was singing about Karen. Who knows really?

But what is certain is that the two look to be much happier in the past few weeks. Could the birth of Wairimu have been the balm that helped their relationsship?  

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