• Michelle  and Niyati have on many occasions been rumored to be dating utill a few weeks ago when the later dismissed the reports.

Patel and Michelle
Patel and Michelle
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Sensational media influencer Michelle Ntalami is celebrating a 10-year anniversary with her friend Patel Niyati.

Through her Instagram post, the Marini Naturals CEO posted a photo of her alongside Patel with an appreciation post that read;

"Exactly a decade of friendship. We met 10 years ago while working as colleagues at Africas largest Ad Agency,@scanadafrice. She's the one person I didn't bat an eyelid in choosing as my co-founder for @marini.naturals.And in turn, that became my best decision yet for the company.

"We are so similar yet so different. We have the exact same tastes likes and preferences, then we don't. A paradox even we can't explain."

She went on to appreciate the tough times they had been through together that have been a stepping stone to their success. 

"We've sailed together through far too many storms. We've been through loss, grief, heartbreak, failure, and rejection. But we've also seen each other through so much love, family, celebration, wins, success and we're now currently witnessing our rise in so many ways!" she added. 

Michelle further highlighted what made their friendship stand strong till today as true friends only come by once.

"Many people and situations could have, or have tried to break us but they've all failed. If you have or when you find a friend like this, guard that friendship with your life. Make sure it's unf*ckwithable because believe me, they don't come twice! Thankyou @niyati.patel!10 To all the days of our lives and those after!"

The two have on many occasions been rumored to be dating utill a few weeks ago when Niyati dismissed the rumors.

In a Q & A session with her fans, she was asked whether she was romantically involved with Ntalami.

"Alas, I am not her type.No we are not. She is my best friend and we have vowed to do life together, you can say we are partners for life," she said. 

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