'It was a painful!' Niyati talks about Michelle Ntalami's breakup with Makena Njeri

Niyati says she is not dating Michelle Ntalami

• Niyati says Michelle Ntalami went through a tough time and it was too painful for her to watch it  but she has no hard feelings towards Makena Njeri.

Patel and Michelle
Patel and Michelle
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Michelle Ntalami's bestie Niyati Patel has denied she is in a relationship with her.

The two have on many occasions been said to be dating.

In her Instagram stories, Patel gave her followers an opportunity to ask her any question they have.

A fan asked about her sexual orientation to which she said she is straight.

"Are you and Mitchelle dating?" another asked. 

"Alas, I am not her type. No we are not. She is my best friend and we have vowed to do life together. you can say we are partners for life," Niyati answered. 

Asked about how she met Michelle, she said;

"Ah, age old question. Michelle and I met 10 years ago. We used to work together at an advertising firm. it was my lucky day."

One of her followers asked if she is still friends with Michelle's ex-girlfriend Makena Njeri.

Patel responded by saying they are not as close as they used to be.

She expained that Michelle Ntalami went through a lot and it was too painful for her to watch, but she got no hard feeling towards Makena Njeri.

"This is a tough question. We are not as close as we used to be. No one can ever be okay with someone putting a loved one through so much pain. I watched Michele go through it all and it was a painful to see. But i have no ill feeling towards her ex."

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