Selina actress, Celestine Gachuhi, gives advice on dating younger men

Celestine Gachuhi revealed her thoughts on dating younger men

Piece by: Maureen Watuinge

• Celestine Gachuhi participated in a QnA with her Instagram fans.
• The former 'Selina' actress is in the last stages of her pregnancy journey.

Celestine Gachuhi smiling
Image: Instagram

Celestine Gachuhi is about to give birth anytime now.

The heavily pregnant actress told fans that she is at the very last stage of her pregnancy journey and hasn't done a baby shower yet. She however knows the gender of the baby.

Using her Instagram stories, Celestine was asked about her view on dating younger men during a QnA she had with fans.

A fan asked her if she would consider dating a younger man ‘Is it bad to date a man who is 5 years younger than you?'

She responded, "I believe as a woman you need to be empowered on your own before getting into a relationship and from there you will have a say whether the guy is older or younger. It's not really an issue for me as long as you're empowered to be you."

She also spoke about life after Selina saying she will deliver more content for her eager fans who are curious if she will return to the screens.

For now, she is focusing on bringing a baby into the world.

Congratulations to Celestine and Phil on their pending blessing of joy.

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