6 young, beautiful, famous, and successful actresses in Kenyan TV shows

Screen beauties that star in top TV and movies


• Kenyan film is home to some of the hottest actresses in the world.

Sarah Hassan
Sarah Hassan

We have so many beautiful successful actresses in Kenya, so you understand that coming up with this list is super competitive. If you search to find the most desirable of them all you may never get concrete answers.

Below are some of the most beautiful, famous, and successful Actresses.

   1. Kate Actress

Catherine Kamau Karanja alias Kate Actress or Celina is one of the cutest female stars. She is an award-winning actress. Many have known Kate Actress from the Mother-in-Law TV show that was aired in Citizen, where she played Celina. She has been featured in other shows like Disconnect and Plan B. Kate recently represented Kenya in South Africa at the premiere of the popular Netflix show Bridgerton season 2.

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   2. Sarah Hassan 

Apart from being an actress, she is also also a model and a former TV host, Sarah Hassan popularly known as Tanya is well noted for her role in the Citizen TV series Tahidi high, and Zora. She is featured in other Netflix shows like Plan B, Just In Time and 40 Sticks. And she is the main character in the popular thriller Crime and Justice.

    3. Jackie Mutubia

Jackie's celebrity journey began right after her high school, Tahidi High was her first featured TV series. She was listed as one of the nominees for the women's film award recently which she won for best-supporting actress. Apart from Tahidi High, she was also featured in a Citizen TV series Zora. On Netflix, She is featured in the 'Sincerely Daisy' show.

   4. Lupita Nyong'o

She is just the perfect definition of a star. Lupita is a Kenyan Mexican actress. Amazing is just part of her description. Nyong'o is featured in most Hollywood movies like the 355, Queen of Katwe, Black Panther, Non-stop, 12 years a slave, and Us.

   5. Brenda Wairimu

Her beauty makes men go crazy. Her charm and looks are just incredible, perfect body and brain. she has previously starred in popular TV shows like Selina, Mali, Subira, and a Nollywood film.

    6. Bridget Shighadi

You watched her on the Citizen TV series Maria, she played Sophia in the series. She is one of the biggest talents we have on the screen. Bridget blends seemingly in shows, she is featured in most popular movies like Selina, The Sparks Brother and Disconnect.

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