Proud gay man Jude Magambo on what made him fall for Thee Pluto

Jude Magambo had a crush on Thee Pluto

• Jude Magambo had already revealed his attraction for Thee Pluto in the past.
• Jude Magambo is ashamed about being a gay man despite being attacked online.

Jude Magambo posing
Image: Instagram

That Thee Pluto is a handsome man isn't shocking. Just take a look at the posts he makes on his social media accounts. The comments section is normally filled with thirsty female fans who are going gaga for him. 

Thee is such a s*x magnet that even gay men are going crazy for him. One of those men is content creator, Jude Magambo, who made a point of loudly and proudly declaring his love for the model a few weeks ago.

Jude who calls himself Manzi Wa Meru was recently interviewed by Pritty Vishy for her YouTube page and spoke about the incident.

During the interview, he clarified that Thee had rejected his advances, which was a disappointment for Jude as he considers himself a catch.

"He didn't like me. He rejected me and the way I look attractive."

What had attracted him to Thee?

"It's a matter of feelings. It's how I feel. I just felt like I wanted him."

How does he respond to comments from Kenyans who criticise him online over his way of living?

"At first, it used to hurt me but now I don't care. My work on social media is now paying off. I can pay rent, and fuel my car. Now I just pin the hateful comments."

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