Eight Kenyan celebrities who are landlords/ lady

Kenyan celebrities with inn keeper side hustle


• Celebrities tend to have side gigs outside of their content creation.

In recent days the existence of celebrity landlords came to the fore when rumours leaked that DJ mo is broke, he came out to set the record straight and even gave more information on his investments.

Here are eight celebrities who happen to be landlords.

   1. Thee Pluto

Thee Pluto a.k.a Chief Sanitizer talked about being a landlord. He happens to have rental units. Pluto has his own house, however, chooses to stay in a rented apartment to reduce overspending on fuel, he says he has many activities he does in town, and renting an apartment closer to town makes it easier.

   2. Akothee

Boss lady is known to love the luxurious life. Akothee happens to be a landlady who owns a luxury apartment complex located in the opulent suburbs in the North Coast region.

   3. Bahati

Bahati aka Mtoto wa Mama is known to have many properties, rental houses are part of what he owns. The location has never been released to the public.

   4. DJ Mo

DJ Mo says, he lives well despite claims from a fan that he is broke. He says he owns two houses that he has rented out. He says he does not brag to show off his investments but prides himself in living well.

   5. Njoro

Ken Gichoya who acted in Papa Shirandula is a landlord, he says his mom pushed him to invest and today he has rentals in Rongai and some other rental blocks in Joska, Machakos. He also disclosed that he gets an income of 10,000 per unit.

   6. Jaymo Ule Msee

Wilson Muirani Gathoni alias Jaymo ule Msee, a well known Kenyan comedian and content creator is a proud landlord. He owns different houses that he rents out.

   7. Mwalimu Rachael

NRG lead presenter Mwalimu Rachael is excited about holding a landlady title. She however says she never saw the landlady's title coming forth but she had to learn how to invest well.

   8. Nyota Ndogo 

Nyota accomplished her goal of being a landlady, she invested over Ksh 7 million into five two-bedroom rental units in Kaloleni. She says she desires to be financially stable and live a lavish life.

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