Infidelity or lies-Michelle Ntalami on worst relationship fears

Marini Naturals boss Michelle Ntalami has opened up about the things that she fears most in life during a series she is running on her Instagram page.

In the post, Michelle wrote, 

"Family, friendships and relationships are the 3 most important connections that keep us going in this life. Why? Because in these 3 things, there is meant to be an abundance of “LOVE.” ♥️But we all know it doesn’t always work out like that. Sometimes we’re lucky and we hit the jackpot! 🎰"


"But sometimes, we fall. Find out my biggest fears or hurt in family, friendships and relationships. As of now, I’m blessed to be happy and comfortable in at least two! I am so grateful to those who are in my life, and stayed on with me through all the ups and downs," she wrote. 

In the video accompanying her post, Ntalami herself opened up on what she fears most saying,

"I think the biggest fear or hurt for me in family and friendships would be disloyalty, jealousy or envy. I can't do it. In relationships, it's definitely infidelity or lies."

Michelle was in the news last month after she dropped the bombshell that a lady she was dating had cheated on her on multiple occasions, causing their split.

Most Kenyans speculated that the person in question was famous LGBTQ activist, Makena Njeri who still hasn't addressed the allegation.

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