DJing decks
DJing decks

Our local DJs are peculiar stars.

You can recognise them by their habits.

Here are some of them.

Self-marketing while spinning

Reggae DJs tunawajua. Most of the time while on the decks they will not waste an opportunity of marketing themselves by advertising their social media accounts and plugging their mixes.

Spend time kubig-up mpango wa kandos and girlfriends

Kenyan DJs like sending greetings and every time they are on the decks, they use 80% to biging up their girlfriends and side dishes. Utaskia, "Shiro was Githu 44, umesalimiwa" or "A gyal dem, Beyonce wa Ungwaro niaje?". 

Sound effects and funny punchlines

We have all heard this ---> 'This is your mama's favourite DJ', 'Mr x the baddest DJ in town', 'you're chilling with best DJ in Kenya', 'come back selecta', 'mbrrrrrcha, awuoooh, thitima' and 'your girlfriend's favourite DJ'. 

Talking in between the mix

We have seen TikTok sounds of DJs singing along to tunes and even giving it their own Twist. DJ Afri do you copy?

Playing gospel songs

When Gospel Music is played in the club, it means it's about to close or the DJ wants the revellers to get on the dance floor.

And of course scratching and scratching and scratching before playing the hit song.

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