• Sarah Kabu posted some troubling messages this past weekend.
• Simon and Sarah have had a marriage that many Kenyans admired. 

in a file photo
Sarah and Simon Kabu in a file photo
Image: Instagram

Kenyans are wondering what is going on between Bonfire Adventure founders, Sarah and Simon Kabu.

This is after Sarah released some troubling messages on her Instastories that hinted at problems between what seemed to be the perfect couple. Read more about those messages in the article below;

Sarah's messages take a more eerie tone when one considers a promotional video that Simon released for Bonfire Adventures. 

The wealthy founder of Bonfire Adventures was seen holidaying alone in Paris and elucidated on the virtues of visiting the European city

During the video, Simon repeatedly asks where Sarah is? In one part he can be heard saying,

"How am I feeling? I am alone here. Sarah uko wapi? Ukowapi? Sarah where are you? I wish Sarah could be here experiencing this. You see I am taking breakfast alone. I wish..." he said before trailing off.

in a file photo
Simon and Sarah Kabu in a file photo
Image: Instagram

In another part of the same video, Simon is heard mourning about his wife not being with him.

"And you know that Paris is the city of love. Sarah uko wapi? I am feeling bad, I am just enjoying this alone. I think that that is a challenge. I might bring her back," he hopefully concluded. 

At the moment, Mpasho.co.ke has repeatedly tried to contact the wealthy and well-known couple. But all our attempts have been unsuccessful as the couple has failed to pick up calls or respond to our texts and DMs.

I hope that they are able to weather whatever storm they might be going through.

Check out the video below.

From the top of #Paris with Magnificent view #effieltower and #arcdetriomphe.

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