This past week, gospel singer Mr. Seed revealed how his wife Nimo Gachuiri held him down when he was still an up-and-coming musician and even paid his rent when he didn't have the money.

He told Kamene Goro,"...I had to act like I lost my keys at the picnic site. Nimo had Ksh 9,000 with her, she chucked it out without hesitation and paid. Later she asked me why I did not just tell her the truth. Since that day, I saw the importance of opening up. When I met her, I had lost hope in my music career. She is one person who stood by me through thick and thin. I also had self-esteem issues and I would lock myself up in the house for days. She would come and push me to do more and ignore what people are saying."

This is just one female celebrity who is an example of how a great wife is really a blessing to a man but there are still many others.

Some of the others are below:

Ferdinand Omanyala and Laventa Omanyala

The speedy sprinter divulged a few weeks ago that his wife had paid the rent and bills for 6 months while he was training;

“For me, the pandemic was a blessing in disguise because I trained for six months. I was training without goals and we had no money but thanks to my girlfriend as she was paying the rent and bills because she was working. She would bring money to the table and allocate some to my training, rent, and food.”

King Kaka and Nana Owiti

In a cute message he wrote in September this year, the rapper detailed the lengths to which his wife had gone to take care of him when he was sick for 6 months this year.

"This lady here @nanaowiti has shown and proven what a wife and a best friend is. From kulala kwa couch ya hospitali next to my bed then you wake up shower in the same hospital, go and smile kwa TV like everything is okay to fighting with Nurses on why they are ‘slow’ (Big Up to the Nurses who took care of me, ni vile Nana alikuwa anataka nipone haraka)."

Simon Kabu and Sarah Kabu

Sarah disclosed in the past how his wife was a rock for him before they met it with their Bonfire Adventures company. She told Massawe Jappani that she started dating Simon when he was still a conductor and still believed in him;

"My mum valued family a lot and by the time I was 30 she had started getting worried, she always advised me not to be so focused on finding a rich man. I told her I had found someone, she was very supportive because at the time I already had my own car and a decent house.

She added, 

"During our first date, he wanted to drop me home with the company car but I told him I had mine. He was not intimidated like other guys I had dated before and I was impressed. We started dating and the rest is history."

And what made Simon take their relationship to the next level,

Maybe he saw a bright future because I was independent, he was hardworking but it seemed like his blessing had at that time not been unlocked. He might have felt I was the right person to help unlock them.

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan

The two media darlings started dating when Rashid was still earning peanuts back at Radio Salaam.

Rashid was love-struck the moment he met her and immediately tried to engage her. Just to show how much Lulu was into Rashid, her family accepted a dowry of only a Quran and a prayer mat, as he had no money.

Njugush and Celestine Ndinda

The couple who normally keep their fans entertained with their comedy skits met way back in college when Njugush was still a struggling comedian.

His wife, Celestine aka Wakavinye would share her money with him as the money he was given by his parents as pocket money was always depleted every 5th of every month. 

Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna

Kathy or "mom" as she is known by her JCC congregants said she “saw a great man with a great vision in spite of the pocket situation”, when she first met Allan more than 2 decades ago.

In fact, she paid for their first coffee date over 20 years ago because Allan Kiuna was broke.

...We became inseparable. Do I need to say I paid for the coffee too ????. I saw a great man with a great vision in spite of the pocket situation. Don’t disregard a young man based on where he is now. See with the spiritual eye where God is taking him,” concluded Kathy.

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