Watch: Milly asks Kabi wa Jesus to get a DNA test for Taji

• Kabi WaJesus and his wife spoke about the controversial topic of getting a paternity test.
• The couple has been involved in DNA drama that involved Kabi's cousin.

Kabi WaJesus kissing Milly Wajesus
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Kabi WaJesus and his wife, Milly have one of the best celebrity relationships in Kenya, often sharing all the facets of their life both good and bad.

Yesterday,  the couple was back at it again when they posted a hilarious video debating the virtue of a man getting a paternity test when he is in a committed relationship?

Posting on their Instastories, Kabi put up the hilarious exchange between him and his wife. It started with Milly asking her hubby whether he wanted to test the DNA of their first-born son?

"Hapo nimeona DNA testing. Unataka kutest DNA ya Taji?" she asked. Anyone who knows women will know that the innocuous-sounding question was anything but that.

But Kabi didn't duck the question, telling his wife that he hadn't got one because she hadn't given him a reason to get one. "Hujanipea reason ya kushuku. But ukinipea nitaenda."

His answer irritated Milly who said, "Huna adabu. Nitagonga hiyo kichwa yako!" Her reaction just made Kabi laugh, who then went on to defend his initial answer saying that a man should be allowed to check the paternity of his child. 

"Ugonge nani. Why is it wrong for people to do DNA. Me I don't see any problem. Guys do you see any problem Kama baba anataka kufanya DNA wacha afanye DNA."

Milly then spoke about a couple on TikTok who had had a paternity scandal. She explained that in the video she watched, the man had found out via a paternity test that the baby he thought was his, wasn't.

The aggrieved man then put his partner on the spot asking who the real father was?

 "He did the DNA and found out that the baby wasn't his while they have been together for four years. Can you imagine?" a shocked Milly told Kabi.

But Kabi retorted with some dark humour cheekily saying, "Wah! That's scary. Imagine bibi wako akikulwo kama hiyo kuku nilikuwa ninakula."

"Wewe ni mshenzi!" was Milly's disgusted response to which Kabi guffawed.

Watch the video below;

One can understand why Kabi sees the benefits of getting a paternity test. Last year, the content creator had to get one during his dispute with his cousin who claimed that he had impregnated her.

The results proved that he was the father.

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