Doctors said I might never get kids - Daddie Marto's wife opens up on battling PCOS

Daddie Marto was shocked when Koku got pregnant

• "We got pregnant five months after we started dating." - Koku Lwanga

Daddie Marto and his wife Koku Lwaka
Image: Instagram

Content creator Koku Lwanga has opened up on her battle with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

The mother of two says doctors had told her she might never be able to get kids only for her to get pregnant almost 5 months after meeting her husband.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, she said;

"We got pregnant five months after we started dating. Prior to that I had been diagnosed with PCOS in 2016 so I was doing nothing to protect myself from getting pregnant.

The doctor had told me to my face that I might never get kids. He advised me to search for a man as soon as possible. Our two kids are a miracle. "

Daddie Marto says he was shocked when Koku got pregnant.

"We had been told the chances of her conceiving were almost none. We would talk about how we would raise our kids before we even had kids. At the time I already knew the chance of her getting a child was almost nilL, so it did not bother me."

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