Such a sweetie! Karen Nyamu gushes over her newborn baby

Karen is amazed by the beauty of her daughter.

• She assured her fans that she will soon be going back to the campaign trails. 

Karen Nyamu
Karen Nyamu
Image: courtesy

Politician Karen Nyamu is the newest mum in town after she welcomed her third born baby.

She announced the arrival of her baby on Saturday with a photo of her daughter's hand.

She gave birth on the 26th of February, as indicated on the baby's hand. 

Well, a few days later, the mom of three has updated her fans that she is doing well while she gushed over her baby.

She assured her fans that she will soon be going back to the campaign trails.

Karen shared how amazed she is by the beauty of her daughter saying she can't stop showering her with kisses.

Here is her post;

"I have an amazing team, Sent from Heaven! Working round the clock while I am in my small maternity break bonding with my baby. Guys she’s so pretty. such a sweetie can’t stop kissing her. I’m amazed, still in that bliss of a new mom. Life iko order. Giraodi see you soon!!"

She is vying for Nairobi senatorial seat in the oncoming general election.

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