Cera Imani credits God for revealing Kairo was the one for her

• Their relationship has been met with a lot of criticism online.

Khalif Kairo with his fiance Cera Imani
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Digital content creator and marketing manager Cera Waithera Imani has revealed that her strong prayerful life led her to her now fiance entrepreneur and car enthusiast Joseph Kairu Wambui, popularly known as Khalif Kairo.

On how she knew Khalif Kairo was the man for her, Miss Imani noted that their relationship was revealed to her by God and she has no doubts that Khalif is her soulmate.

"Prayers, you pray..." started Cera as she opened up on how they started dating as well as advising people out there who are uncertain of their relationships or partners.

"I stopped actively looking for someone and started praying about it and trusted God to provide the right person my way. And that is when we came together with Kairo," said the gorgeous content creator who has been trending on social media for weeks now since Kairo proposed to her.

She went on to define their relationship as very Christian noting that their beliefs rooted in their faith have helped them navigate so much in life.

"It is a very Christian staunch relationship and that is why we are able to overcome so many things that come our way. Don't just be a pretty face, pray also," Ms. Waithera candidly said.

Cera went on to emphasize the importance of prayers especially when selecting a life partner adding that one needs to really be in tune with their spirituality to be able to hear God clearly.

"So I know we joke a lot but one thing I can say is we tend to focus on the canary part of prayers what we ought to do is ask God is to give us spiritual eyes so that we can be able to get into spiritual prayers. So when you pray in the spirit He answers in the spirit and you get to understand.

"And what comes from God has no doubts, haina mabishano or uncertainty. Once you pray in the spirituality, God is able to define things very clearly but when you pray in the canary, to some extent hapo shetani anaweza changanya hizo dreams zako," Cera candidly said as she stressed the importance of prayers and how God confirmed to her that the car enthusiast was the man for her. 

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