'Stevo Simple Boy is struggling in Kayole,' bae reveals

• Pritty says Stevo is afraid of exposing his management.

Stevo Simple Boy
Image: Instagram

Stevo Simple Boy's bae, Pritty, has revealed that the 'Mihadarati' hitmaker has moved to Kayole.

The damsel says despite the move he is still struggling,

"There were cases of his fans questioning why his life was not moving. That is why they(the management) moved him to Kayole. The place is not that good. According to his status, he should not be living in such a place."

Pritty says the management is just trying to regain their reputation which is already ruined.

"The house is so squeezed, he is living in a bedsitter. If he had an option he would not be living there. His management is trying to isolate him so that people do not corrupt him."


"The management he was under before has refused to hand him back his social media platforms, they said he must pay them for it.

He is not even on WhatsApp. All the money he made went to the management, they were the ones paying his rent and even buying him clothes and shoes. He is a very humble man I think that is why God keeps blessing him."

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