'Nimepata Kichuna, Nimedata!' Stevo Simple boy tells how he met his girlfriend Fridah

Piece by: Fridah Naliaka

Musician Stevo Simple boy has revealed that he has found the apple of his eyes.

In an interview with Churchill (Daniel Ndambuki), Stephen Otieno said that he is dating a girl from Kibra, nicknamed Fridah.

"You can not find a lover so fast, they say the good ones are many, but finding one who will love you is the problem. I have found the right one, we are still in talks with her. She is just from within Kibera. I was just walking around when i met her. I approached her told her i was over the heels for her. I found her while she was just walking around, and i expressed myself. She gave me her number and the conversation started. Her nickname is Fridah."

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Simple boy said that he is still assessing the lady, and if all goes well, they will be having a wedding.

"I can not love someone so fast, until i know how true she is. But i have introduced myself to her brother. We will plan the wedding when we are sure of the COVID-19 situation in the country."