Is her church a cult? Rev Natasha responds

'We have nothing to hide,' - Natasha defends her church practices

• "People will just say anything on social media and pick something,fabricate stories out of nowhere." - Rev Natasha

Prophet Carmel with Rev Natasha
Image: courtesy

Reverend Lucy Natasha has denied claims that her church is a cult.

These deductions were made by a section of Kenyan after Natasha was spotted with bodyguards. She is also known for living a flashy lifestyle.

Speaking during an interview with Lynn Ngugi.

"We are a ministry that preaches the message of salvation. We believe in miracles, healing, deliverance and the power of the holy spirit.

We have won over 5 million souls. All our services are live and we are in the public domain, we have nothing to hide."

Prophet Carmel proposes to Rev Lucy Natasha
Prophet Carmel proposes to Rev Lucy Natasha
Image: Courtesy

Responding to allegations that her church performs different miracles, Natasha responded,

"People will just say anything on social media and pick something, fabricate stories out of nowhere.

We call people to the altar for different reasons. Just because I prayed for you last week does not mean I will not pray for you this week.

A church is like a hospital so you pray for different people over different issues. The same person can be needing healing or marriage, so these are false allegations."

Prophet Carmel added, 'There is no intention to fake anything, Jesus is the healer."

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