Comedian Mulamwah
Image: Instagram/Mulamwah

Comedian Mulamwah has revealed that it was not easy for him when he came to Nairobi. The father of one did not have someone to hold his hand or even show him around the city when he came and the friends he hoped to host him all vanished and could not be reached on phone.

In an interview with Mseto East Africa, Mulamwah narrated the experiences he encountered the first time he came to Nairobi.

"I slept at Jeevanjee for three days since the friends I expected would be there for me, all switched their phones of with excuses that they were in Mombasa since they did not want me to stay at their places."

He encouraged young women in relationships to give their men a humble time to grow together.

"Nikikumbuka hiyo safari hadi saizi ninakoishi, inamaanisha hata very soon nitakua na mansion. It is a matter of time but unapata wasichana wengi wana tamaa na ukimwambia hiyo gari tutaendesha, anaona ni kama ni ndoto," he said.

During the interview, he said his ex-girlfriend was not patient with him.

"There was a time I could not provide this and that or buy her the best clothes and she would go look for it somewhere else from other people and it used to hurt me so much."

"Give men time. That time maybe I did not have that money, right now she would be getting what she desired, we would be buying those clothes and going to places she wished for. You rushed the process and the fruits were shifted to another person."

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