Sportpesa CEO Ronald Karauri reacts on his wife's skillful landing in London

Ruth Karauri steered KQ flight amid Storm Eunice.

• Ronald Karauri, who is also a trained pilot termed himself as the best Captain followed by his wife.

Ronald and Ruth Karauri at a past event
Ronald and Ruth Karauri at a past event
Image: Courtesy

Sportpesa CEO Captain Ronald Karauri is a proud man after a skillful landing pulled by his wife Ruth Karauri at Heathrow Airport, London. 

On Friday, Captain Ruth Karauri managed to steer KQ flight 100 in the middle of a strong storm in London and landed safely. 

Reacting to the video of the bumpy ride by Ruth, Ronald Karauri who is aspiring to be Kasarani MP hailed his wife. 

The Sportpesa CEO who is also a trained pilot termed himself as the best Captain, followed by his wife Ruth. 

"2nd best pilot in Kenya," he wrote in a tweet. 

A video of Ruth Karauri steering KQ's Boeng through Storm Eunice in London has attracted excitement among Kenyans. 

Speaking after the landing, Ruth revealed the conditions she encountered and how she was able to manoeuvre. 

"We had the pleasure of encountering Storm Eunice at London yesterday(Friday), we were landing on the west. Flight conditions at the time were strong gusting winds and it was quite a bumpy ride. 

However, the training we had at Kenya Airways...particularly the simulator prepared us for such a scenario. We used all our training expertise, previous skills and we handed the landing expertly," Ruth said.

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