Netizens react to a man who returned 100k wrongly sent to his Mpesa

Cash left by businesswoman Mary Wambui Mungai at Weston Hotel
Cash left by businesswoman Mary Wambui Mungai at Weston Hotel

The story of a Nakuru man who walked into a banking hall and said he would like to return money sent to him erroneously has gone viral.

40-year-old Stephen Waiganjo surprised bank management after returning Ksh100,000 that was erroneously deposited into his M-Pesa Account last month.

According to the bank, Waiganjo received the amount on January 27, 2022, from NCBA Nairobi Branch at about 10 am and has since been waiting for someone to claim the money.

After waiting to no avail, Waiganjo on Thursday morning - February 17, 2022 - decided to present himself to NCBA Bank Nakuru Branch where the transaction was authorized for reversal.

“Waiganjo's phone number was entered to a payment schedule by mistake or maybe there was a mistake on just one digit of the customer's phone number,” the initiator of the transaction said.

The management of the bank has praised Waiganjo for his honesty and kindness saying "people may be poor but rich in character.”

Here are reactions to the story.

mansurmmcrypto: Praising him on his rich character alone is not enough. He needs to be appreciated financially.

iambjornkings: Hapa kitu ningerudisha tu ni shukrani.

engineerkitheka: Did the bank saw him something.

zey.ivy: May God reward your honesty.

jeff_matini: If it was sent by mistake from a person is okay to return but kwa bank hiyo ni showoff.

_bre_sabrina: Kurudisha pesa bank? 

absalomrichie: Not all heroes wear capes.

cliff_given: Wish it was me.

james_maselo_kitheka: Iyo ni pesa kidogo ukimzulumu mtu.Iyo ni pesa ya hustler sio vyema kumthulumu manake hujui ameipata kwa njia gani 

carolavin44: I hope wamempatia kakiru Atleast ya kusafisha moyo!

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