Wash Wash cartels threatened my family-Terence Creative

'• Wash Wash' is a film about how people are duped with he hope of doubling up their cash.

Terence Creative alias Papa Fred
Image: Instagram

Kenyan content creator, Terence Creative, has revealed that he received a lot of threats for shooting his popular 'Wash Wash' skit.

Speaking while appearing on Diana B's YouTube channel, Terence shared,

'I received a lot of threats for creating 'Wash Wash'. It was hectic. Some would tell me that I was spoiling business, some offered to help me learn the ropes in the trade. The Papa Fred character took one year for me to perfect."

Terence people related with the incidences highlighted in the video hence it went viral.

"The video had so many relatable lessons that is why It went viral. I received more than 30,000 messages with some people sharing how they were conned."

Terence is also known for directing shows such as the Churchill Show. He came to the limelight for the character Kamummy which he says is one of his best characters.

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