Akuku Danger with Sandra Dacha
Image: Courtesy

Comedian Akuku Danger has spoken out for the first time since he went to the hospital. Akuku who has been in ICU since late December last year, asked his fans to continue supporting him as he gets better.

He will be discharged tomorrow. In a video shared on Sandra's Instagram page, Akuku also thanked the fans for their contribution.

"I thank you for the love and support. From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you. We are almost there and so just keep praying for me. For those who are still contributing, thank you."

A few days ago, Sandra updated fans saying that the hospital bill is now at Ksh 2.6 M and said that through their fans, they have managed to clear Ksh 1.2M.

"Good news is that Akuku Danger has now been transferred to the general ward. The hospital bill stands at 2.6M but we've managed to pay 1.2M. So we have a balance of 1.4M and this bill is not final and it's subject to change until Akuku is discharged. We are urgently planning for a fundraiser because we don't have money as at now. Please aki mtusaidiešŸ™ Msichoke kutuma hata kama mlishatuma. You can send again and again."

Akuku was born with sickle-cell anaemia. Fellow funnyman Prof Hamo informed Kenyans in the past that Akuku has been ailing for years as the condition is hereditary.

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