Image: Instagram

Singer Ringtone Apoko is known for taking pride in his broken English and doesn't get embarrassed about being less educated. 

Now, Ringtone says that most educated musicians in Kenya are broke while the least educated are living large. 

The singer was responding to a story on Citizen TV, where Nameless, Wahu, and Nadia Mukami were among Kenyan artists identified as the most learned. 

"Nameless, Savara, Ndovu, Nadia are most very learned musicians in 🇰🇪 with big degrees but @citizentvkenya are refuse to told us that all are broke and stragling their education is not bring money actually @akotheekenya a skul dropout is live large. Myself am not in there league,"  Ringtone said.

The singer added that being educated does not guarantee one success, but being disciplined. 

"Masomo isn't everything but descine, hard work, sacrifice and fearing god. Am reachest musician at east Africa," he said.

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