That Ababu Namwamba is one the most stylish politicians in this country isn't in doubt, something that many Kenyans have witnessed first-hand over the years. 

What many don't know are the brands that the Chief Administrative Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs normally rocks as he performs his government tasks, but we at Mpasho have got you covered.

Ababu Namwamba smiling
Image: Enos Teche

In an exclusive interview with Enos Teche, the former Budalangi MP opened up on the brands he loves wearing.

He said, "The suit I am wearing is by Daniel Rizotto, who is my preferred suit-maker. My shoes are Calvin Klein. The watch I am wearing is a Titan, and it is a very good watch brand. My glasses are from Ray-Bans."

A cursory search online gives an estimate of the prices of Ababu's wardrobe. They are below;

Daniel Rizotto suit-Ksh 25,999

Ababu's suit
Image: Courtesy

Calvin Klein leather loafers-Ksh 10,000

Titan watch-Ksh 10,224

Ababu's watch
Image: Courtesy

Ray-Ban eyewear-Ksh 6,334

Ababu's glasses
Image: Courtesy

Watch the interview below;

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