Alhuda Njoroge aka Huddah Monroe as most people know her is back in Kenya after a two-year stay in Dubai.

To make sure that people know that she is back, the socialite has decided to go on a rampage on her Instagram page.

There, she has been giving her thoughts on life and random ruminations about 'things'. One of the most fascinating she has spoken about since her return was how to invest one's money.

She explained that the wealthy woman who had sold her the villa she currently owns had moved into a smaller two-bedroom condominium with her hubby.

She added that she was saddened that she had just bought the house so she could brag and not as a wise investment vehicle. 

"And they are like 50+ [age]. Wealthy AF! Then I wondered why me at 25, single, I'm getting it but it was all for the gram first lol! Smh... Boomers really play us. They sell us the dream/illusion while they keep their $. Hence the rich stay rich and the poor stay poorer. I had to study those 2 people and the story leads to how I maintained my finances eventually all through Covid," Huddah posted.

She followed on her post saying that her major challenge had been balancing between spending and saving,

"Every time I try to cut my expenditure to save I end up spending even more! Times 3 of the initial."

She finished by stating that money will always find something to do,  so someone must be smart about how they use it.

"Still learning money management though because I still buy designers.  Money.... loves moving around, you lock it in too long it finds a place to go. You must spend it one way or the other."

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