'The number of times I packed...' Georgina Njenga on dating Baha

Former Machachari star, Tyler Mbaya aka Baha's lover, Georgina Njenga, had an interesting Q& A session with her fans on Instagram.

Georgina asked her fans to ask her anything and most questions asked were based on her relationship with Baha.

The content creator revealed that just like any couple they do have their differences which have led her to packing her belongings and calling it quits.

"Arguments are there and they are about the pettiest things ever most of the time. But always find a solution. The number of times I packed my clothes when we started living together. Hehe! Alikuwa anamake sure sijaenda."

Georgina also spoke about the number of children she would like to have and how they share chores and financial costs.

"As many as we can. If the economy allows probably four or three. "

Another fan asked how the two share their chores which included buying household items.

"As my partner, he helps where he can on chores but I do the most. I help where I can financially but he does the most."

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