• "For me, it wasn't about me getting married it was about me getting married to my best friend." -Muthoni Mukiri

Muthoni's wedding
Muthoni's wedding

Muthoni Mukiri has opened up on how pressured she was to get married. The ex-Inooro TV presenter says some even suggested she gets a baby just to cool down the pressure but she chose not to bow to it. 

Speaking on her Youtube channel, Muthoni shared;

"It's not about the age, it's about getting it right and doing it from you. I got a lot of pressure from my fans, my family members, and everybody else. Some even told me to get a baby if I was not looking forward to getting married.

But I decided I would not bow to pressure, I would give myself what I wanted. People have been asking which mountain I faced while praying for my husband but I did not face any mountain."

Muthoni added;

"After my last toxic relationship, I called for a meeting and told myself that would no longer be my portion. Unhappiness is not a normal thing, Breakups are inevitable.

We dated for almost two years. I vowed to date someone with the same values as me. I wanted to date someone who wants the same things as me, I wanted a God-fearing man.

I prayed for my man before I met him. For me it wasn't about me getting married, it was about me getting married to my best friend.

As much as I wanted someone to take care of me I wanted a lifetime partner. I had a lot of pressure once I turned 30. I had rushed before and fell on bullshit, I decided to take my time."

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