RIP! 'I'm broken,' Julie Gichuru thrown into mourning this Christmas

Julie Gichuru (left) her late nephew(centre) and her hubby(right)
Julie Gichuru (left) her late nephew(centre) and her hubby(right)
Image: Courtesy

Media personality Julie Gicuru and family are mourning the sudden death of her nephew.

Sharing the sad news on Christmas morning, Julie said, "I am broken. We are broken. We have lost one so precious. Our nephew who became a son to us. The gift that kept giving has left us and we are heartbroken."

Adding, "We must survive, he would hate to see us in this agony. We must celebrate the time we had. Thank you for all the messages."

Julie's Nephew
Julie's Nephew
Image: Courtesy

Here is the rest of the moving tribute.

"My Immi,

You know you've always had my heart -Right from from day one,Right from the start.

Your soul is always filled with joy.

This spirit nothing can destroy.

Your heart is filled with love and care.

You're always seeking to help; to share.Your grace touched all you were around,Your kindness always did abound.

Our hearts are shattered - deeply broken!But thankful, words went not unspoken.

You knew you had our love and care,And that for you, we were always there.

How do we live with you away?How can we get through every day?We must accept you now are home -And meet you at that heavenly throne.

Yes, we shall meet again my love.My darling baby - my sweet dove.

Lord, in deep and devoted faith we reject ifs and whys. We are broken but we accept your will.

Hold us close Father and grant us comfort. We humbly pray that you reunite us again one day."

May he rest in peace. Poleni sana.

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