The last two years, Lillian Muli has become more controlled as far as revealing personal details in her love life. 

The mother of two made a decision to keep her outbursts away from the public eye and deal with whatever she was going through behind the veil of privacy.

But sometimes the old, fierce, and sassy Lillian seeps through, especially when she feels like she has been offended by someone.

A few hours ago, the television personality re-iterated that people should love themselves and avoid being taken advantage of.

"Don't be that person that makes excuses for people who treat you like a lesser being. Do good and be good to people and expect the same from them. If they fall short of that cut them off unapologetically and don't look back."

She also added that being a person who wears her heart on her sleeve can be devastating as far as one's mental health goes and urged her followers to love herself.

"In this life I have learnt that wearing your heart on your sleeve will leave you with mental clutter that you can avoid. Jipende."

Wah! Who has caused Lillian all this anguish?

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