Yesterday afternoon Sauti Sol announced the price of their early bird tickets for their December 12th concert.

The tickets were not cheap, going for a costly Ksh 2,500! Yep, even most international acts don't have early bird tickets that cost that much.

For instance, tickets for Joeboy's concert happening the day before on December 11th will cost Ksh 2000. Luo fest taking place tomorrow will cost Ksh 2000 for tickets at the gate. 

Early bird tickets for Konshens's" concert happening on December 31st will cost Ksh 2000. 

So one must now ask how much the Sauti Sol tickets will go for at the gate? Most likely between Ksh 3500 and Ksh 5000.

That wasn't all, the band also gave Kenyans online 2 days and 8 hours to buy the tickets. Let's not forget that early bird tickets normally go for a minimum of one week at the worst!

Did all the factors above affect ticket sales? Nope! In fact, Sauti Sol soon announced that the site selling the tickets had crashed. That's not all! The tickets have already sold out at the time of this writing this article!

They are now going for Ksh 3000!

Sauti Sol concert tickets
Image: Courtesy

I think that Sauti Sol was trying to flex on Eric Omondi after he dissed the Kenyan music industry. And they have done that easily. 

The band has shown the power and clout they have. That they can announce a concert mid-November, announce the price two weeks before, and sell out early bird tickets in a few hours!

I think the concert ( and I hope that they execute it well) will show that there are artists in Kenya who are as big, if not bigger than the foreign artists from abroad.

This concert is the mike-drop for the band against Eric Omondi. Will he take the hint?

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