Amber Ray and Vinnyboy Classic
Amber Ray and Vinnyboy Classic

Kisumu based artiste Vinnboy Classic is begging for the attention of singer Amber Ray.

In a DM to Mpasho, Vinnyboy writes, "I need your help. I am interested in Amber Ray so I am requesting if you can help me by letting her know this."

He adds, "I have tried reaching her but I have not been able to reach her. For sure I love her.  I'm Vinnyboy Classic an artist from Kenya."

Well, Vinnyboy seems to be shooting his shot after he heard Amber Ray and Jimal Marlow are in the process of procuring a divorce.

Jimal told Mpasho in a recent interview, "We talk but there is no relationship between me and her. She was my wife and I used to get everything and I was doing everything for her. Sometimes someone can take a break."

Vinny Boy has recorded two collaborations titled Sugua and Inuka Tucheze. His latest music released is called Tingisha, produced by DJ Lyta at Hot Grabba Recording Studio.

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