Jalang'o recently went on a rampage against Andrew Kibe. The Kiss100 host went HAM against the man he replaced mid-last year.

Jalang'o was interviewed by BTG news and one could clearly see that the comedian had the bit in his teeth. The Lang'ata MP aspirant started out by asking what moral authority Kibe had to even criticise his fellow celebs, saying,

"Kwanza Andrew Kibe anaongea kama nani? Let him leave America, so he can come and talk here. Yeye mambo ya Kenya ishamshinda, he has gone to America to try his luck."


"Lakini Andrew Kibe, he is my friend and he is a normal hustler but his things have gotten spoilt in Kenya so he went abroad. How many things happened when he was here and he didn't speak? Wasn't he arrested during that initial Covid period? First, he should come back to Kenya and talk from here and not there."

Jalang'o then went on to detail the hustles that Kibe had tried to do and had failed at;

"Kibe has tried very many things. He was a gym instructor at Hill Park Hotel. It didn't work out for him. He even asked me to attend his gym. Is that someone who can really teach you gym? In Lang'ata he also tried to become a politician. He ended up being number 37. Now I have told him to come and help me in my own campaigns." 

And Jalang'o still wasn't done, saying;

"He also tried to be a radio presenter, I am the one doing that job at the moment. He also tried to open his own radio station, it failed. He tried to be a pastor, he failed. So Andrew just humble yourself, come back home we teach you how to hustle properly."

Does Kibe have any issues with you becoming the next Lang'ata MP? "He is my friend. He will actually support me. He should just leave his foolishness in America."

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