Businessman Jimal Roho Safi has been doing and saying all the right things this past week, especially as far as his relationship with his first wife Amira goes.

The father of two not only saw the error of his ways but also apologised to his wife with an expensive 200k gift iPhone.

In his exclusive interview with Mpasho, the wealthy businessman divulged that all was well with his wife.

"Amira has a good soul. She has been in my life since I was in Form 2, and so I think she would not have wanted to end our marriage."

He praised his former wife Amber Ray saying she is a good person who is misunderstood. He said that they are still friends who do business together.

On what caused their separation, Jimal said they were officially married but people break up due to various reasons.

"It was not clout. We got married in the Islamic way, and so the divorce process takes time. Kuna talaka ya kwanza, ya pili, ya tatu. I parted ways with her."

Amber Ray and Jimal
Image: Instagram

Now, this is the point of the article I come in. After all that backstory, I am still not convinced that Jimal is happy having just one wife.

I think that that is a genie, that once let out of the bottle is hard to return back. Let's not forget that among Muslims, a man is allowed to marry up to 4 wives, so his marriage to Amber Ray wasn't cheating, as bad as it looked from the outside.

So if he wants to have a successful second, third or fourth wife there are things he should follow. They are;

1. His choice of woman should be above board and one beyond reproach. Meaning that it would be preferable if she isn't well-known on social media.

Also, it would be best if that woman keeps her affairs away from the public eye.

2. He should let his wife Amira know his plans before he executes them. Amira has in the past bemoaned the fact that she didn't know Jimal was going to get a second wife, something that really put the bit in her teeth.

While I know, that in most Islamic cultures, Muslim men don't have to ask for permission from their first wives to get married, it is best to avoid the in-fighting that we witnessed between Amira and Amber. At best Amira shouldn't be one of the women fighting Jimal's new wife.

3. He should make it known from the start that Amira is in the favoured position as the first wife so that the new woman doesn't come in with siasa causing issues within his boma

Again this pres-supposes that Jimal wants his Amira not to be a hindrance in his having other wives.

4. Jimal should also keep his personal affairs with his new wife as far from social media as possible.

He already has a sizable following on social media where he can interact with the public, so he doesn't need to expose his new wife to all that attention, which is rarely a good idea, even for celeb marriages. Not everyone following you on social media wants you to succeed!

Caveat-All this advice is based on the huge IF that Jimal might want other wives other than Amira after the dust blows over.

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