'God gives and takes,' DJ Mo mourns after Size 8 loses pregnancy

•It’s been around 5 months fighting with crazy blood pressure that hit 213, she had to have an emergency operation. 

Size 8 pregnancy shoot
Size 8 pregnancy shoot
Image: Instagram

 DJ Mo, husband to Size 8 has expressed his sadness after his wife lost their child due to extremely high blood pressure.

Mo has however added that he is grateful his wife is still alive.

The father of four revealed that his wife, Size 8, has been battling high blood pressure for months something that made her have an emergency CS.

Through his socials, Mo wrote, "We have plans, But God has even better plans …as you have seen on YouTube, Yes it happened, God gives & takes.

It’s been around 5 months fighting with crazy BP that hit 213, an emergency operation. Thank you Dr NYAMU and the team @komarockmodern for saving my wife. The speed at which you did all these - indeed I will always remember you saved my wife and making sure she is safe.

Thank God, you remain to be God in all situations. THE BABY DIDN'T MAKE IT, but my wife is alive and safe. @size8reborn am with you - till the end."

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