Size 8: I was dying and had to be resuscitated to deliver my son

•"I delivered at 34 weeks as I was dying and had to be put on oxygen and magnesium resuscitated and have the baby delivered." -Size 8

Size 8
Size 8

Size 8 has shared how she almost lost her daughter Ladasha after she was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia.

Pre-eclampsia is a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure.

There may be no symptoms. High blood pressure and protein in the urine are key features.

There may also be swelling in the legs and water retention, but this can be hard to distinguish from a normal pregnancy.

Pre-eclampsia can often be managed with oral or IV medication until the baby is sufficiently mature to be delivered. 

Speaking during an interview with Toa Stress Campaign, the soon to be the mother of three shared,

"I almost lost my daughter Wambui (Ladasha ) at 2 months. I started bleeding and was later diagnosed with severe preeclampsia as my pressure was very high. I used to walk with a machine to test my blood pressure all the time.

Whenever the machine beeped I had to sit down and relax till I walked around with the machine.  By the grace of God, I delivered her."

Size 8 added that she lost her second pregnancy after suffering a miscarriage.

She got pregnant with her son Muraya Jnr and almost died hence she had to have her son delivered before time.

"In the third pregnancy, I had to see the doctor after every one week as the high blood pressure was too much. I used to get paralyzed on one side. That pregnancy gave me fear of ever getting pregnant.

I could not walk nor help myself. I delivered at 34 weeks as I was dying and had to be put on oxygen and magnesium, I was resuscitated to have the baby delivered."

Size 8 added, "Pregnancy is not an easy journey as people assume."

Did you have complications during pregnancy?

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