Eric Omondi was interviewed by Mpasho yesterday and had a lot to say about different areas in his life.

One of those topics he addressed was the claim that he pays his photographer to photoshop abs on his images.

His response was that he actually has abs. He said, "At the moment, I am on a very strict diet. I told you that I eat 9 meals a day. I was bulking but I have to watch on this."

He added; "Abs zimecome."

He even lifted his shirt to show the interviewer that he indeed had abs. But our interviewer wasn't convinced and agreed with the earlier explanation by Eric's photographer that he had been photoshopping abs for the comedian.

Did he actually pay his photographer Ksh 100k for abs?

"Let me tell you something. Women are buying hair outside there, when a man like me buys a few abs...Genuinely I post videos every week, to prove people wrong. One can't video shop. Even the other day when I was in Kiambu for an event, I performed bare chest throughout."

He explained that his gym journey,

"Where I am right now, I am still not where I want to be. I am still in the bulking phase. So the tumbo is there today, tomorrow it isn't...Until I get there. I am under construction. Have you seen the guys who are muscular and look really good? It takes time to get there, many years. I am not ashamed to tell Mpasho that I am building my body. It's like a house."

How long should we wait for his body to get "there"? "Another two years." 

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