Mammito Eunice has been celebrating her 28th birthday week in the warm climes of Zanzibar. The hilarious comedian who was sponsored by Bonfire Adventures is having the time of her life from the photos and videos that she has been sharing on her Instagram page.

Just a few hours ago, Mammito decided to remind her fans that she isn't only an intelligent lady but that she has also been blessed with a body to die for.

In the photo she shared on the gram, the former Churchill Show comedian shows acres and acres of skin as she wears a bikini on the Tanzanian beaches.

All the commenters were surprised at the beauty of Mammito's body. Other naughty ones wondered aloud where she had gotten such a big bosom.

Some of those comments are below:

Agal toto Kumbe unakuanga na nyonyo

Nimemuzoea one gb kumbe cleavage iko


But anakaa poa body goals anazo


Mimi hatanimeshaga

Am shocked too

Sina ubaya na agal toto

Na ulitudanganya huvaangi suruali....isokey

Nisalimie leo nikunywe maji

A gal totoo

Na umenona makucha aki


Look extremely beautiful

The great thing for Mammito is that not only is her career going excellently at the moment but also that of her boyfriend Eddie Butita.

Mammito with Butita
Mammito with Eddie Butita Mammito with Butita
Image: Twitter

Eddie recently revealed that he had become the first Kenyan comedian to have a show on internet movie streaming giant Netflix.

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