"A legend has fallen, Kenyan mourns but heavens have gained something." -Jalango

Orie Rogo Manduli
Orie Rogo Manduli
Image: Courtesy

Kamene Goro and Jalango have eulogized the late Orie Rogo Manduli praising her for living her life to the fullest.

The outspoken politician and ex-rally driver passed away at her Riverside home after many months of being sick.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, Kamene says Orie was a force to be reckoned with.

"She lived unapologetically full force if there's something that needed to be said she said it.

In 1975 she was the first woman to drive a safari Rally." Kamene eulogized Orie

Jalango praised Orie for her versatility saying she would be dearly missed.

"A legend has fallen, Kenyan mourns but heavens have gained something.

A farmer per excellence, she had thousands and thousands of acres in Cherangani where she used to farm and help feed this country.

I know this because when we were in Kitale we used to go to her farm. She has fought the fight, and won the race, may she rest in peace."


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